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We are, above all else, a study in preservation. As kids, we were taught that writing had to be contained— it took many years and frustrations to come to terms with the messiness of pure, desperate creation. Trace Fossils Review was started with the mission to collect this mess, to publish work that identifies the creator as intimately as their own handprint— the art in wake of the artist.


Jessie Leitzel is human, scientist, writer and, most importantly, student. They have been published in reviews such as Rattle Young Poets Anthology and Beyond Queer Words, along with receiving Scholastic Writing Awards for their work in prose and poetry. They pursue aspirations in biomedical engineering and disprove the “science or art brain” mentality on the daily. Besides the page, their preferred place of existence is at their favorite Pakistani restaurant, where they serve as Team Lead. When not writing, days are savored by boiling halupki and burying themself in books about hyperspace.

Elliott Kate's work has been published in Canvas Literary Journal and has been nationally recognized in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She has yet to find any words to define herself by, or a suitable “is” statement to structure her bio around, but she can frequently be found foraging for strange items at nearby thrift stores, making room for more books, and getting very excited about birds.


Co-founding Editor

Elliott Kate

Co-founding Editor

Linda Garziera is a writer and explorer of cultures. Born in Milan, Italy, and raised in England, her work has been recognized by the Atlantic Institute and regional Scholastic Writing Awards since her recent move to the United States. Although her love of linguistics began in a Beatrix-Potter town, it has been molded by South Carolina's marshes, drip coffee and Goodwill runs. She continues to uproot her experience of an international heritage in an attempt to curate a home in her writing, a dwelling place for herself and others of undefined origins.


Head Editor, Chief of Communications


Head Editor

Merrik Moriarty is a writer, artist, and archivist of ordinary things. Her work has been published in the South Carolina Honors College’s Writing South Carolina, as well as being recognized in the Scholastic Writing Awards. Having grown up lost in fantasy worlds, she enjoys writing odd characters and semi-magical novel manuscripts. When not caught in her mind attic, she can probably be found taping little paper things into her journal, making elaborate tea drinks, and reveling in the fact that she shares her last name with literature’s favorite villain.

Braeden LaRoche is an artist and writer concerned with biology, speculative evolution, science communication, and the neglected minutiae of the natural world. His artwork has been featured in the upcoming speculative evolution magazine Astrovitae and has received Scholastic Art Awards. When not creating, he occupies himself with research into the strange and obscure and can be found reading interesting books and enlightening poetry or studying insects in his garden.


Contributing Editor

Bella Cosentino is a writer and artist. Her work has been published in Rattle Young Poets Anthology and Sad Girls Club, she has received numerous Scholastic Writing awards, and she was a runner up in the South Carolina Honors College's Writing South Carolina. When between poems, she can be found working as a waitress, tacking pictures to the wall, and eating pie. When in doubt, she lets her dog lead the way. 

We are a passionate collective of individuals obsessed with literature, math, science, history, and all of the liminal space in between. A shout out is due to the SOA Creative Writing Dept, whose phenomenal teachers kindled the possibilities within each of us. Deepest thanks, from this group to you.

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