Abbilene Littell

I wonder if Momma,

one baby at 16, another at 18,

ever sat on the splintered wood steps

to the single-wide trailer

and listened to bird hymns.

Did she ever meet eyes

with a Cardinal

and see her brother reflected?

Did she ever hear

the Mourning Dove's cry

and answer back,

"Who? Who? Who?"

How many times did

she step out, wet grass below her,

dapples of pink and purple above,

and almost fly away

before going in to start breakfast?

Abbilene Littell writes about memories, nature, and anything else that strikes her. Born in Ashland, Alabama, she received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Auburn University before heading north. Abbi now lives in Champaign, Illinois, with her husband and two cats: Padme and Salem. Find her on Instagram @a.lit.tell

Momma, Too Young