Winter Issue

Who says my hand a needle better fits

Genre Cover by Paola Alvarez

Why is this piece your Trace Fossil?

“Through my art, I seek to address the challenges girls face growing up in a patriarchal society. I depict the never-ending societal labyrinth and paradoxes women experience throughout their lives. Portraying a diverse array of issues, my work delves into struggles such as beauty standards, the perception of gender as a performative act, and dissatisfaction with traditional domestic roles. My goal is to attract eyes and ears to this issue—to have people witness and understand the obstacles women continue to face.

Who says my hand a needle better fits” encapsulates the theme and experience most of my works stem from. It is an intimate portrait of the bright and wonderful women in my family who have been trapped in the domestic sphere lonely and dissatisfied. Inspired by the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, I try to uncover the women in my life portrayed with aprons dancing behind the prison the stove burner pattern creates. The work uses domestic symbols to communicate the idea of restrictive traditional norms that trap women in roles that they are not content with.”