Winter Issue

Prey Animal

Genre Cover by Ava Dawson

Why is this piece your Trace Fossil?

"I view these works as my 'trace fossil' pieces because I think they provide a larger societal commentary than they appear on the surface, subtly but (hopefully) somewhat effectively forcing the viewer to question their own opinions on the world around them."

Guardian of the Farm

"and revenge is a favored disciple, / full of bluster and no second-chance."

Timothy Geiger

I Look for the Demon We Kept in the Living Room

"In the beginning, when they told me I was evil, I thought it was a joke."

Ellen White Rook

Suffering in F Major

"She could sometimes remember / trying to catch flickers / in her palm"

Taylor Franson-Thiel

Horseshoe Crab

"If I could, I'd wear my bones / on the outside like you"

Liam Wholihan

Poetry Pieces