2024 | Inaugural Issue


Issue Cover by Manola Silva-Hanson

Why is this piece your Trace Fossil?

"My paintings are inspired by bees’ vision, which allows me to see the world in ultraviolet patterns hidden to the human eye. In this body of work, I portray the lives of friends and loved ones. Each painting is coated with cryptic patterns related to the subject and my emotional connection to them. In this instance, the sitter is Kaleeb, also known as Caleb. He has been my best friend for the past eleven years.

For “Kaleeb,” I represent him through his virtues, encompassing handwritten poetry, drawings, plants, and his outstanding crocheting and knitting skills. The composition embraces maximalist ideas, allowing me to express freely through bright colors and symbols. With this work I can share a cutout of the treasures that make Caleb the person I love and call my best friend.

“Kaleeb” is my Trace Fossil because it not only represents my closest friend but a part of my identity. Throughout my series of paintings I depict loved ones because they make up who I am. In the journey of self discovery I find that focusing on the people around me helps me figure out my connection to my own identity as a Mexican-American living in an assimilating culture."